Thursday, February 12, 2009

Broken families will be a thing of the past with the help of Microsoft’s Tulay program, Lilybeth Doronio, who because of Tulay now communicates with her overseas worker husband five times a day.

Lilybeth has been married more than 20 years and she and her husband, an engineer at a power plant in Vietnam, used to make do with talking to each other thrice a week using his mobile phone.

She can’t believe her savings now because with her knowledge of Skype and Facebook, they are now able to communicate three to five times a day. All these thanks to Microsoft’s Tulay training center where she was able to get free computer literacy courses.

“He would chat with me in the morning before he leaves for work. Then we find the time to chat during his lunch break. At night, we use Skype so we could talk sometimes until the wee hours of the morning.”

She has three children, two boys and a girl but she still hopes to join her husband in Vietnam someday.

Like Lilybeth, another unexpected Tulay almnus is 80 year old Buhay Tan, a great grandmother seven times over.

Buhay has nine children, all of whom are now professionals. Four of them are abroad and badly wanted to be able to communicate with her. Buhay said two of her sons are in Saudi Arabia, and two of her daughters work as nurses, one in London and the other in California.

Tulay’s trainor in Davao, Wadi Mutia, now considers Buhay as a star pupil. He said his student now knows Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and MS Publisher. She is also into social networking tools like Facebook.

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