Friday, December 08, 2006

I find that being night editor at has its ups and downs. I have been at it since Nov. 16 and at no time did I feel so repulsed by events as the last few days. Working in the same newsroom as ANC’s, I was able to witness their live coverage of the sham proceedings at the House of Reps.

And this was even brought home by the fact that even Filipinos overseas witnessed the whole thing!

I got an e-mail from a friend in Riyadh and he said: alone in my apartment here in Riyadh, I watched the house proceedings the whole night, thanks to ANC. I amost vomitted when I heard Mr. Villafuerte answered 'Yes", not once but twice, to the question of Cong. Golez whom I think felt slapped on the face by the sarcastic tone in Villafuerte's voice, and face. To my mind it was the height of treason committed by people who always addressed themselves as 'honorables'!

Harap harapang bastusan na talaga. But as someone said, nobody will benefit from the fruits of a poison tree. Not GMA, JDV, Villafuerte, nor Lagman. Soon their train will run off rail.

This just proves that OFWs are still concerned about what happens in the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

your kind will always keep the Philippines poor..pessimists and ruled by fears.

what are you afraid of?that abs-cbn's monopoly and paninirang puring uri ng pagbabalita will end with the parliament?

the Philippines needs a parliament and needs it now..survey says its 51% not in favor to 49% in favor, and that after a very emotional, cold blooded media and communist organizations orchestrated campaign.It will definitely sway more in the campaign and ultimately the people will see that communists and media anti establishments really invented all those passion to discredit a valid idea.

even the US has amended their Constitution 22 times,why not here? a presidential system does not fit this country because it does not have the money to pour into every senators 200 million pork barrel.

wag kayong magmagaling na kayo lang ang magaling,kayo lang ang matino, kayo lang ang disente, kayo lang ang may moral!wala kayong monopoly nun.look in the mirror baka mag hello sayo ang madumi mong mukha.wag magmalinis masyado..leftists communists have blood on their hands.

Anonymous said...

From another Anonymous:

You have all the right to say we need a parliament at ako, gusto ko rin yon. Pero ito ang punto at katotohanan and there are many who share the same sentiments:

CBCP spokesman Msgr. Pedro Quitorio: "These people (administration) do not get the point. The point is people do not trust them. Hindi pwedeng i-entrust ng tao ang pagbabago ng Saligang Batas sa mga taong ‘di nila trusted."

Anonymous said...

It's preposterous to compare the Philippines to US especially in amending the constitution. We have different history, culture and outlook. Now, if you say that US amended their constitution 22 times already, tayo hindi lang sa amendment. You are well verse of the US constitution, you should also know how many times the Philippines change its constitution.

Ito ang isa pa coming from the late Max Soliven:

"Once more, however, I think he’s (Speaker JDV) run out of time. There is no quick-fix for what ails us. There is no magic leap from Presidential to Parliamentary within the calendar set by Malacanang and Speaker Joe themselves. If I had my druthers, we’d go through the process of amending or redoing our admittedly defective 1987 Constitution through the difficult but more valid method of electing a Constitutional Convention. The old way’s the proven way".

It's very clear that you're only after the the abolition of the senate because we can't afford P200 million pork barrel alloted to each of them. So be it. But in the right manner as suggested by the late Max Soliven. No quarrel with that. Everything should be settled as rationale men should do.