Thursday, January 08, 2009

Let us give credit to Labor Attaché Des Dicang who promptly responded to a story written about the late OFW Elvis Laverinto by Harris Julo, the Isabela correspondent of ABS-CBN Regional Network Group. (see

Laverinto’s family in Isabela called on President Arroyo to repatriate his remains and Dicang said in a letter to Filipino community member Joseph Espiritu that “our office has earlier coordinated with his sponsor, Mr. Al-Dossary, who now is processing the necessary documents for the repatriation of our kababayan with the concerned authorities and with our Embassy in Riyadh.”

And this immediately after New Year when everybody was still hungover from the long holiday.

Unfortunately, Dicang said Laverinto held a visa of a family driver and thus was not entitled to GOSI claims. However, “Dicang may be entitled to blood money claims” and this could be used for repatriating his remains.

We now have to see if this letter will have some effect as repatriation of remains from Saudi Arabia usually takes months.

His wife, Janneth, said her husband was pinned to death under a vehicle he was overhauling. The jack was allegedly detached causing the entire weight of the vehicle to crash down on the victim.

The 41-year-old victim of Barangay Villapaz, Naguillan, Isabela used to be a chief mechanic at Cauayan City.

His family learned of his sad passing last November 15, 2008.

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