Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am being encouraged to revive my blog. I stopped being night editor at abs-cbnNEWS last November. I am now on the mid-shift. And I now handle the Pinoy Migration page.

I am infinitely busier. This I posted on Multiply some months back:


After spending almost 40 hours a week writing and editing, I have all but lost interest in blogging. There are still, however, many things I am unable to include in the Pinoy Migration page of which I handle.

Foremost is my dilemma about reconciling being a wife and mother with being an editor and writer of a 24/7 news organization.

Sometimes I want to quit when I see my daughters’ discipline fading just as my page begins to look like a proper migration page.

I have to remind myself I am working for them too. I have to tell myself it’s good for them to see me working – that they’ll follow in my footsteps and work their way to becoming independent some day.

And of course, unlike a pure housewife, there’s fulfilment in knowing that my husband is not my only fan.

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toots ople said...

hi julie! am glad your back to blogging - as a writer and as a mom! God bless!