Friday, January 05, 2007

Mr. Doy Lucenario, head of the passport division at the Department of Foreign Affairs and former Consul General at the Hong Kong consulate, is apparently to be praised.
Advocate Ellene Sana said when she went to the DFA to renew her passport last Wednesday, she noted a visible reduction in the number of fixers in the area, due, she said to the "big visible signages with the name of the dfa passport office, with arrows pointing to the passport office, continuous play on the loud speaker/ public address system of announcements to inform the applicants of what to do and requirements to apply/renew his or her passport and also to warn against fixers, and courteous guards and personnel attending to and guiding the applicants - providing accurate information and advice."
Lucenario's office actually "did a time and motion study to complete first step verification of the documents if there is a long queue of people -- their findings -- it should take at most 30 minutes. not longer."
All in all, Ellen said she was "inspired with news of a government frontline agency that is efficient, person-friendly and delivers in its services."

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