Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Francis Oca actually wrote a letter to Comelec Commissioner Florentino Tuason Jr. on behalf of the Filipino community in Saudi Arabia.

His letter goes:

Dear Commissioner Tuazon,

First, please allow me to wish you and your colleagues at the Comelec a happy and productive New Year.

With the news that your good offices have decided not to allow postal voting for OFWs in Saudi Arabia this coming May elections, our New Year will not be so happy at all. As I have commented on the attached article, the recommendation of our embassy and consular officials here are totally incorrect. It is like the statement made, in relation to e-voting, that there are no internet café in this beautiful place. I really wonder which year those who made such statements were here! Baka naman po ang mga kalagayan noong 1990s pa kanilang naging batayan, in which case puede rin nilang sabihin na walang mga cellphones dito. I think the best way for your Committee to find out the real situation here in Saudi is to send a team here. Perhaps OWWA can foot the bill, the trip being OFW related anyway, and one closest to our heart.

I hope you will take a second look at this issue, and consider our recommendation.

Kind regards,

Francis Oca
Sr. Business Consultant

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