Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Partido ng Pandaigdigang Pilipino or PPP will be a party for overseas Filipinos regardless of his or her status in his or her respective host country as well as those who have come home and the families of overseas Filipinos. The basic reason for the PPP is that overseas Filipinos, despite their large number, , has never maximized its potential to address its numerous concerns.
"It has failedto garner a seat in Congress despite several tries by OFW Party Lists. Moeover, the sector has never been consulted on any State policies, regulations and major appointments that would greatly affect its concerns," Jun Aguilar said in his concept paper.
Still he is quick to add it is not being formed with the end in view of getting a sectoral representative elected in the May elections.
The party should outlive that, he said. It's really a work in progress and it should eventually become something like the TUCP which is consulted every time a labor issue comes up.

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