Thursday, November 16, 2006


Jun Aguilar, the recruiter who is not any ordinary recruiter, added his two cents to the discussion and said the POEA Board should make it a policy that all domestic helpers be exempt from any form of fees.

“Personally, exaction of any form of fees from these vulnerable workers should not be allowed. I know members of the industry won’t like it but that is one sure regulation that would benefit the Domestic Workers who are mostly poor people coming from the provinces,” Aguilar said.

He himself does not charge placement fees and instead makes the would-be employer pay the fees.

That is why, Aguilar can say this idea is not farfetched and is in fact doable. “I have done it for the past 7 Years with the thousands of OFW's we deployed and I wonder why the others cannot. I wonder if the POEA has the political will to impose such regulation (at least for the domestic helper) for the benefit of the workers.”

He then asked “does the Philippine government have the political will to make things better for the so called modern day Heroes?”

Your answer is as good as mine.

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